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We race indoor electric radio controlled cars on Monday evenings from 6:00pm til 10:00pm at the Wyken Community Centre, Ennerdale Lane, Coventry, CV2 5PY .

We cater for all ages, abilities and race several classes of radio controlled cars, typically 1/12 scale GT cars and 1/10 scale Touring cars but often have 1/12 le mans prototype cars, 1/10 Formula One cars and 1/10 GT cars, however we welcome other suitable cars as long as they meet the following guidelines:

  • Suitable for indoor use on a carpet surface – no buggies, no spiked tyres, no internal combustion engines
  • Around 1/12 or 1/10 scale in size
  • Will not be dangerous to anyone using the site

If you are not sure if what you have is suitable please get in touch!

We have some rules which we ask all competitiors and visitors to abide bywhen visiting our club, some of these are our own rules, others are set by our venue and others set by the British Radio Control Car Association ( BRCA ) . Please respect that these rules are not just to help us but to help you too:

  • Have fun!
  • Please be respectful and kind to one another. Racing can become very passionate but always remember these are toy cars and there are other members of the public who do not want to hear or see bad behaviour, this mainly applies to verbal language used, we ask that any cursing is kept to a minimum.
  • All competitors must have a valid BRCA license to compete, this is so you are covered by the BRCA’s public liability insurance should anything happen.
  • All visitors are welcome to watch and ask questions up close with the competitors, but please be respectful of them and their equipment. If you are not racing but wish to help marshal, the BRCA offers a reduced rate membership so you are also covered. Without any form of BRCA license you are not allowed on the track as you are not covered.
  • Please do not park, obstruct or cause a nuisance to the public road or houses outside of the venue. There are alot of cars parked on the street locally and we do not want to block the road any further. Please use the car park to the south of the building to park, if you have arrived early and the gate is closed there is a Tesco 5 minutes away you can visit.
  • Please respect the committee members and volunteers, they are giving up their time to make sure you have a good experience.
  • Ask if you need help, whether it be from a committee member or from another competitor. Please do not struggle, if you have a problem there’s a high chance someone has already experienced it and will have a solution for you.
  • We ask for everyone who can to help build the track and to help pack away at the end, we appreciate some may not be able to help all the time with the track however we ask that you help when you can; the quicker the track is built, the more time we have for practise!

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